Dear Mr. John Carruthers

First of all, I want to thank you for creating a lot of gerat guitars .
Since this is the first time to mail you, I'd like to introduce myself to you I'm Hideo Karai, work for a musical instrument shop in Japan.
I had made special requests to you 3 or 4 times before.

Actually ,Mr. Sakamoto who got your guitar is one of my co-worker.
We are proud of offering Japanese customers great guitars you make.
My customers who are owner of your instruments also thank me for letting them know that they can make much better sounds by using the guitar John creats.
They very often say that "What a looooong sound it sustains!"

By the way, I have a few questions as for you.
1, What kind of guitar do you especialy like?
2, Which one of the historic guitar is the best reference to invent new guitars?
3, I heard that you also invented "EMG P.U" and "Buzz Feiten Tuning system". What are your ambitious programs from now on?

Now there are many kinds of guitar brands in the world so, no one knows who came up with the creative guitars that would become popular with famous musicians.
Mr. Silver, Mr. Sakamoto and I are sure you did it !
It was nice talking to you.
Say hello to Mr, Silver
Take care.



1) 特別に好きなギターの種類は何ですか?
2) 新しいギターを製作するにあたって、手本にする歴史上のギターはどんなものでしょうか?
3) 同じくあなたはEMGピックアップやバジー・フェイトン・チューニングシステムを開発したという事を聞きました。今、何か意欲的に何かに取り組んでいますか?



Dear Karai san

Its always nice to converse with other people in the music business and we would like to thankyou for your support of our products.
I would also like to say hello to Akiba san and to answer some of your questions.

I would find it difficult to pick any one guitar as my favorite I play many different styles and certain guitars lend their sound qualitities to the music.
I would have say that I like Strats, Teles, ES335, and Baby L5.
The stratocaster is probably the most significant guitar for design purposes.

I helped design EMG pickups and the Buzz Feiten tuning system.
I am continually working to come up with new designs and improvements on old designs. I have a desire to make each guitar better than the one before it.
We are continuing to make more acoustic electric guitars and basses.





John Carruthers