Fuchs AMPのアメリカ本国での評価

 様々なジャンルのギタリスト達が非常に良い評価を下しているようですね。 特にロベン フォードやラリー カールトンTONEについて興味があるコメントがされています。 良質でリッチな倍音のオーバードライブ、艶やかなクリアートーンが評価されています。

Bay Area Amp Shootout held at the Guitar Activity Center in Mountainview, California on April 22, 2001 on the ODS 100.

Brian Denham - bdenham@earthlink.net
TOP NOTCH. Sharp Looking, small package. Refined sound in all modes. Smooth and well defined throughout the register.

Erik Johnson - Ejohnson@everedream.com
Lots of different tones available. Rich, clean sound. Smooth overdrive (Never buzzy sounding) Useful master volume switch. Cool reverb-subtle to surf. Clean to medium gain sounded better than fully saturate.

Craig English - craige@fsc-power.com
Nice smooth tone. Round with nice string-to-string definition. Can get that "Robben Ford" tone. This is not a raunchy sounding amp. When cranked it is still very smooth. Through the Bogner 4x12 cab with V30's, it got noticeably more raunchy. I preferred the sound through the A-Brown 2x12 cabinet. COOL AMP, nice refined tones.

Matthew Springer - mirage.indigo@yahoo.com
A TIGHT, focused sound. The chords sounded very "in tune" with not a lot of extra flab. Through the Bogner V30, the drive channel was kind of mid heavy, but definitely strong, sharp attack.
Fairly warm sounding overdrive. A GOOD AMP for rhythm and lead switch off work.
A tad compressed, but this is a good thing. Not as likely to give the sound guy fits.

Ron Veil - ron@unclespot.com
Sounds the best through 2x12 Alnico cab. (Not right for the 4x12 Celestion cab) The cleaner tone sounds better than the O.D. tone. UNLESS it is cranked LOUD.

Bob Blysma
NICE TONE RANGE, gain o.k., does clean up . Very full tone from low to high end, almost chorus like rhythm tone. Flattens out a little when loud. VERY GOOD "BLUES" level distortion.

Craig Wright - cwright@sqv.edu
Lots of BREATH to this tone. Actually to all these tones. The funk rhythm stuff (w/PRS) had great chunk. The Strats rang right. All the tones in this amp sound USEFUL to me. (Nothing there for just the bedroom) Dirty channel seems to clear up well with attack and guitar volume. The overtones are musical, natural. I COULD BE VERY SATISFIED WITH THIS AS MY GIGGING AMP.

Daniel Fretto - danielfretto@wholefoods.com A++
(With Jenkins) Stands up right away/ having my teeth rattled never sounded so nice. So far sounds like the encyclopedia "perfect guitar amp". Best through this speaker. Very clear and clean (if that makes sense) gain.
(With Brown) A little more organic but sloppier/warmer. Strum a chord and each note really rings.
(With Bogner) Cranked-defined lows. How fucking versatile can it be? And with a nice reverb! The decay on the smooth high note gain is real natural. Can be made to sound unruly and fucked up too.

Oleg Tomashevsky - oleg@topmanet.org
Exhibits very fluid sound quality in higher gain made reminiscent of Robben Ford's tone who played with Humbuckors. Has great transient response in clean (jazz) channel.
Slightly lacks personality but it could be a plus for some players. Has a lot of features, which work. It probably can be turned into anything after all of the features are explored.
So my initial impression regarding the lack of personality could be wrong. An ability to go from Les Paul to Strat is quite amazing. I WOULD SERIOUSLY CONSIDER THIS ONE.

John Kelly Brown - ledboot@home.com
It's hard for me to be fair to these amps because I'm not too much into the Dumble tone. GREAT when set clean. I like the smaller size of the Fuchs over the Two Rock. Jazz-lush, clean tone, no annoying peaks in Q. Rock- clean, also good. I prefer this over Jazz. Sounded best through Bogner cabinet. Gainy channel smoothed out with power amp, distortion, otherwise some raspyness. Could get good and punchy.

Terry Buddingh - tbuddingh@earthlink.net
Sounds like a twin with Dumble tone stack. You have to have a Dumble friendly technique to get the most out of a Dumble type amp. It likes the fuller low mids of the Brown cabinet better. Has the Dumble vibe with Strat and Brown cabinet. Good authentic sounding Dumble clone. Not as magic as some Dumbles I've heard. I didn't hear a lot of the characteristic shimmering treble that is my favorite Dumble texture. Not as layered and multi-dimensional as a good Dumble. Evoked some Eric Johnson flavor with Bogner cabinet.

Meiko Frost - meiko-frost@hotmail.com
Nice mid-range honk to the distortion. Sounds like it is about to get out of control at any minute when dimed out. This amp needs to be cranked to shine (maybe a general characteristic of Dumble type amps.) Great clean tone with nice transition to semi-dirty. Sounded best with Anderson Strat and Brown cabinet. Somewhat noisy when driven.

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